Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A brief introduction.

Hello! Welcome to Shaina does!

At a complete loss for how to begin this entry, I've decided to do it list-style!

First, about me:

1. My name is Shaina (pronounced 'shay-nuh,' for those who are curious, though I'm frequently entertained by the number of ways people manage to butcher it).

2. I'm just finishing up my second year of college in Illinois. As a girl born into the lush, tropical, consistently 80-degree climate that South Florida's famous for, it's been a change, but I can still say that I love seasons!

3. I'm fascinated by people - I love observing (read: creeping on) them, which reassures me that my newly declared major in psychology suits me perfectly. I started out as a journalism major, but that's a story for another time. I'm also hoping to declare a creative writing minor, either in fiction or poetry, before this year ends.

4. As of late, cooking and baking blogs have conquered my Google Reader, and my boyfriend’s taken to laughing at my audible pleasure whenever my very favorite one updates (especially with something sweet!). If you've somehow stumbled upon me and you do a little blogging of your own, feel free to share! I love finding new reading material.

Second, about the blog (blahg, if you will):

1. The title of this blog - "Shaina does." - comes directly from my life. Take a look at my Google Calendar for the quarter, if you'd like some proof. That's only what I do in terms of school, work and psychology research. In my spare time, I love cooking and baking, reading, crocheting (whenever I make this list, I'm reminded of what a good grandmother I'll be someday), writing and anything else that catches my fancy. I get restless when I have nothing to do, so I keep pretty busy.

2. Primarily this blog will be about my cooking and baking adventures. I use the word 'adventures' loosely - my successes ("I never want anything else in my mouth ever again"), my failures ("oh god how did sauce get on the ceiling"), my in-betweens ("probably would have been better if I'd remembered the flour") and anything else I come across along the way. I'm new to this whole kitchen business, but I can't wait to learn.

3. My updates most likely will not be consistent, at least not initially. While I've braved the kitchenettes in my dorm, they leave something to be desired (ovens with doors that close properly, dish soap, etc.). Also, when your Google Calendar looks like this, you don't always understand why it's necessary to even think about so much as microwaving something for yourself. I do, however, get a new apartment next year - one in which there will be no prepared dining hall or student center food to keep my tummy happy. Cooking will be required and thoroughly enjoyed (and documented, hopefully).

4. All photography (unless otherwise noted) is by this guy, who I guess I kind of like.

Happy reading!